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We use ML*
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Legal data extraction from documents

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We specialize in complex software and R&D* . If you are interested in something to try, but it is unclear how to approach your goals - we certainly will be able to help.

If you need a complex and resource-intensive solution, then you don’t need to spray your resources: we will take on the development of the project and help with integration.

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A team of professionals lead by experienced team leaders

Integration with your infrastructure

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Stable cooperation

Data security under NDA

Qualitative result

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The medical center needed a website with integrated functionality. We worked out the structure of the site and implemented several technically complex solutions: page designer, personal cabinet and a possibility of making an appointment with a doctor online. Now "UMMC-Health" has a website which meets all the requirements of the medical center.

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The Internet portal required a mobile application. We redesigned the proposed design and implemented a wide range of functions for communication and ordering. The application was launched on AppStore and GooglePlay with average user rating of 4.7.

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Ridero outsourced several important and complex tasks to JetTeam. I want to notice that its developers are high-skilled and motivated. JetTeam is the right choice if you want to get MVP quickly and start working.

Alexander Kasyanenko

We worked together with JetTeam on our app. We wanted to test our ideas and quickly build a prototype but didn't have enough resources. Yakov and his team did their best to understand what we really want to get, and then they built a prototype, made a couple of fixes and gave us the final version of app. I can't recommend those guys enough!

Boris Dyakonov

JetTeam was really careful about our requests while working on our CRM, website and mobile app. They're easy to talk to as well. Highly recommended.

Sukharev Arthur

The approach of JetTeam to work inspires respect. From the very beginning of project development they showed high qualification and professionalism. Quality of the application development, the full compliance of the results with the goals, timeliness of the feedback, and successful adaptation to frequent changes is only a modest list of what JetTeam sets for the background of other companies.


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