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Predicting server load trends

NetAngels hosting company

The hosting company needed a high-quality server monitoring. Our solution allowed us to predict server overload and increased server utilization efficiency by 12%.

Data extraction from legal documents

"Tochka" business bank

The bank needed to automate the audit of constituent documents: the data had to be extracted and compared to the other sources. We trained a neural network to perform this routine work. As the result, the speed of document processing has increased by 3 times.

Calculating optimal schedule for the working meetings

"Tochka" business bank

The bank needed to optimize the schedule of client meetings held by managers. Our solution automatically assigns managers responsible for the meeting, so the working time of each one of them is used productively. Integration of our solution with the bank infrastructure led to increasing the manager efficiency by 23%.

Formalization of medical records

UMMC Health medical centre

The medical centre needed to automatize data extraction from medical records. We trained a neural network to extract the data about the next doctor's appointment and to fill in the records in the fields in the patient's personal cabinet and calendar.

Сellular pathologies detection

"Sirius" educational centre

During the summer session of the Center for gifted education "Sirius" the team of schoolkids under our leadership have trained a neural network to reveal the existence of pathological cells, based on microphotographs of the epithelium. The introduction of the neural network will allow to speed up the process of examining one image in 360 times, and also to exclude the subjective factor.

Equipment working modes detection

Field connected

The organization needed to determine the operating modes of the gas mine based on the temperature data. We developed a universal solution based on neural networks, which allows to accurately determine the operating modes of the equipment based on several indicators.

Equipment anomalies detection

On an example of a shaker

The organization needed to determine the operating modes of the machine and to prevent the operational anomalies emergence. We developed a solution based on neural networks, which allows us to accurately predict the breakdowns emergence in the equipment based on its vibration.

Warehouse optimization

Alcohol and tobacco retail network

Retail network of 20 stores with 300 million rubles of annual revenue needed to optimize the procurement process. We analyzed the data on purchases and sales for the year and calculated the optimal amount of purchased goods. Based on the analysis, we reduced the cost of the warehouse by 60%.

Early melanoma diagnosis

"Sirius" educational centre

The project was created by a team of students under our leadership during the "Sirius" learning camp. The neural network is able to recognize symptoms of melanoma based on a photo of the skin area. At the moment, the diagnostic accuracy is over 80%.

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