Mobile application development

Beginning of work

end 2015 - early 2016

Transfer to the customer


Running the application

May 2017


A famous Ural ex-banker, Doctor of Economics Vladimir Frolov. The founder of Ekaterinburg bank Severnaya Kazna, a member of board of directors, the project development manager of the Internet bank Inbank.


Develop an application for iOS and Android using the API provided by the client. The application has to:

  • Provide authentication via SMS and USSD;
  • View information about current accounts;
  • View transaction history;
  • Perform replenishment of accounts with a bank card;
  • Perform currency transfer between accounts;
  • Send currency to other Copernicus Gold users with e-mail or phone;
  • Manage user's personal data.

About Copernicus Gold

Copernicus Gold is a cloud platform that offers the use of blockchain technology in the global financial system.

Blockchain technology allows Copernicus Gold platform to release various types of digital assets, such as electronic currencies, that can be provided with various tangible and intangible assets, as well as conventional fiat currencies held in bank accounts.

Copernicus Gold is a cloud platform that offers the use of blockchain technology in the global financial system.

Application Design

The customer had no specific wishes for the design of the future application. Therefore, we had to develop the entire UI and UX design of the application based on the client's wishes for color. This task was solved promptly.


We implemented an authentication mechanism in two different ways: USSD and SMS. The user can choose one of them.

Application interface

The main interface is represented by two tabs: accounts and history.

User Accounts

This tab displays all the information about the balances.
Also here one can perform operations such as replenishing accounts, exchanging funds between accounts, and transferring funds to other users.

Transaction history

On this screen one can see the history of transactions conducted by the user. All transactions are divided into confirmed transactions and drafts. It is also possible to search for an exact transaction.

Account refill

We implemented a possibility of replenishing accounts from a bank card on a single screen. The choice of the account for replenishment is carried out immediately after filling in the card data, which greatly simplifies the work with the application.

Currency conversion

The conversion mechanism is used to transfer funds from one account to another. The user just have to select the source and target accounts and confirm the transaction.

Sending currency
to other users

The user can transfer funds to the accounts of other users. The transfer can be carried out with an e-mail or a phone number registered in the system.
All user contact information undergoes mandatory confirmation.


The Apache Cordova framework was used as the main development environment. This framework is perfect for prototyping and developing cross-platform solutions for business.

The application was designed within the MVVM pattern. Therefore, the Knockout.js library was used to link the interface to the code.


The application was launched on Google Play and AppStore on May 15, 2017.

The application was downloaded 4000+ times.
The average rating is 4.7.

Google Play


App Store



Vyacheslav Anisimov

Manager / team lead

Nikita Grishanov


Alexander Plesovskikh


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