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Contract conclusion

September 8, 2015


in September 2016

Cooperation continues


A company engaged in organization and conduction of medical workers distance education, so they can develop their skills and get certificates legally.


Make an online distance learning service for medical personnel. The service will allow to:

  • Create training courses and programs;
  • Add new events within the course;
  • View the course calendar;
  • –°reate discussions for each specific course;
  • Manage the course participants list;
  • Manage profile data.

About the project

Doctor na uchebe is a distance educational system for medical workers, doctors, junior medical staff, and employees of medical institutions.

Site design

Our friends from JetStyle were engaged with the designing part of the project. As a result, we had a website design prepared for layout.

Creating courses and events

A course is created via a special interface. In order to create a course, the user must fill in the required fields, select the type of course, set the dates for it and assign a methodologist.

Course Calendar

The calendar displays all events related to the course. Here the user can find the date and time of video lectures, practical exercises, and final tests.


There is an opportunity to create discussions about a course inside the service. Users can ask questions to the head of the course, make suggestions for scheduling, and discuss practical exercises.

Course Information

The user can find out all the needed information about the course in this tab. Files with schedule of classes within the course and all the necessary regulatory documents may be found here as well.


We used a proven bundle of the Node.js platform with MongoDB and the Express framework to create the website.


Service is very popular among medical workers.

More than 6000
accounts registered in the service

100 people per week
is the average increase in new users

More than 300 courses
registered on the site


Alexander Zhiryakov

manager / team leader

Tolmachev Nikita


Kupelsky Artem


Kovyazin Dmitry


Alexander Kuznetsov


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