Agents of the future

Gaming social network development

What is it?

Agents of the future is a gaming social network with the main audience of high school students. The main purpose of the platform is to determine the predisposition of students to a certain type of activity, as well as attract them to enter university.


The National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) is the oldest technical college in the Trans-Ural part of Russia. It is one of the largest advanced educational centers in Russia and the only university in the Asian part of Russia from the list of the five best technical universities in the country.


Create an online service, which will allow students to:

  • Choose a specialization with a certain set of characteristics;
  • Pass educational tasks (missions);
  • Unite in teams for a joint task passage;
  • Chat with the team via live chat;
  • Receive recommendations on the choice of the future profession based on the results of passing missions and solving problems;
  • Manage profile data.

Live chat

All communication between players within the teams is carried out via chat. The player also can contact the technical support agent via chat.


Considering the planned functional and huge amount of content, we decided to build the application within the SPA model.

For the server side of the application we used node.js platform with MongoDB.

The client side was implemented using the Knokout.js library: it is an ideal choice for applications designed within the MVVM pattern.


2580 registered users
are in the service at the moment

More than 40%
is a conversion to active participants

Project team

Anisimov Vyacheslav

manager / team leader

Oleg Frolov


Fedorov Anton


Prokuda Daria


Ilin Ivan


Tsyganova Daria


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