UMMC Health Center
Website Development

The UMMC Health Center needed a new website, because the old one ceased to meet the increasing requirements.

We developed the site in partnership with designers and art directors of JetStyle. They were engaged with the designing part of the project.

We dealt with the technical side and coordination: development and verification, load preparations, feedback processing. We coordinated with contractors, partners, and representatives of the clinic.

The site is currently working. The development continues, and we plan to implement neural networks.

Technically complicated problems solved by us:


Complex structure of the site

The main goal of the site is to get clients acquainted with the variety of medical services. At the same time, the site has to disclose the expertise of doctors and the equipment of department in order to form an expression that this clinic is the best. We also had to deal with cross-references, end-to-end advertising banners, news, longreads, and integration with three systems (one of which is still under development). There was much work to do.


Two types of search

The local one is presented on the pages with lists. The global search can be accessed from any page and searches for everything related to the query.


Block structure of pages

Pages of one type may differ from each other as cars of different sets. The site administrator makes them from sections, banners, and lists - depending on what is required on a particular page.


Page Designer

The site administrators can add or remove pieces of site pages depending on the content and marketers’ need.


Grouping of page elements

Page elements can be grouped for different resolutions of monitors and screens of mobile devices.


Personal cabinet

It’s mostly a patient’s personal card. Keeps the history of all visits to the clinic, the results of medical examinations, and planned appointments. The cabinet is also available from mobile devices.


Integration with the information system

The website was integrated with the medical information system of UMMC Health Center.


Online recording for an appointment

If a client is confused, he can make a call. There is also a possibility to change the application in the personal cabinet.

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